Charter Schools

PLN GPC 20 Final FS
PLN CES 20 Final FS
PLN CMS 20 Final FS

Annual Notifications

Charter Petition

Gratts Primary Center

Charter Renewal Petition July 2020 – June 2025

Charter Elementary School

Charter Renewal July 2017 – June 2022

Charter Middle School

Charter Renewal July 2018-June 2023

Family Handbook

GPC Parent Handbook 21 22

CES Parent Handbook 21 22

CMS Parent Handbook 21 22

School Calendars

GPC 2021-2022 School Calendar

CES 2021-2022 School Calendar

CMS 2021-2022 School Calendar

COVID-19 Reports

GPC COVID Report June 2020

CES Covid Report June 2020

CMS Covid Report June 2020

Reopening Guides

2021-2022 LCAP:
Inclusive of the Annual Update for the 2019-2020 LCAP Year and the Annual Update for the 2020-2021 Learning Continuity and Attendance Plan




Bullying, Hazing, Discrimination, Harassment Policy

English / Spanish

What is Bullying?

 English / Spanish

School Accountability Report Cards

School Plan for Student Achievement

COVID-19 Safety Plan

School Wellness Policy

 English / Spanish

Suicide Prevention Policy

 English /Spanish

Sunscreen and Sun-Protective Gear Policy

English / Spanish

Title IX

GPC Title IX & Students

CES Title IX & Students

CMS Title IX & Students

Uniform Complaint Procedure

English / Spanish

COVID19 School Guidance Checklist

School Accountability Report Card

Additional Resources

Board Meetings

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