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Para Los Niños provides quality education and compassionate wraparound support for children and families across Los Angeles. Join the PLN family today!

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For assistance with the application process, contact Tamara Menendez, Student Recruitment and Outreach Coordinator, (213) 568-7219

How To Enroll

Visit the Para Los Niños SchoolMint page, create a profile and select the PLN school you want to enroll.

If you want support to enroll contact the school directly:

  • PLN (TK-5th) Charter Elementary School Tel: (213) 239-6605 OR
  • PLN  (6th-8th) Charter Middle School Tel: (213) 896-2640

Or call Tamara Menendez, Student Recruitment and Outreach Coordinator, (213) 568-7219 

We are here to support and welcome you to the PLN family!

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Excellent education for all

Charter Schools TK – 8th Grade

Enrolling NOW! 

Call Tamara Menendez, Student Recruitment and Outreach Coordinator, (213) 568-7219 

  • Charter Elementary School (TK-5th Grade)  
  • Charter Middle School (6th-8th Grade)  

Need Assistance?

For assistance with the application process, contact Tamara Menendez, Student Recruitment and Outreach Coordinator, (213) 568-7219

Giving children the best start

Early Education

Our early education centers provide students with high-quality academic and social-emotional education. Starting as young as six-weeks we engage parents to ensure a strong support system for their success well beyond preschool.

Enroll today! Enrollment is year-round for Early Head Start and Head Start classrooms. PLN partners with parents to be the best teacher they can be for their children at home, and for on-site instruction. Tuition is free or low-cost for all qualifying families.

“My time with Para Los Niños was like being with family. My teachers, my friends, and the way we all worked together — it made learning safe and supportive.”

Jennifer, Para Los Niños Elementary Student Alumna

Why PLN?

  • PLN’s network of schools provide safe, nurturing, and welcoming environments for students and families to thrive.
  • Students receive high-quality education—project-based learning that fosters creative problem-solving and innovation while emphasizing literacy and language arts.
  • Families have access to the tools and resources to thrive — early intervention, mental health, and family support services.
  • Admission is free and open to any student that is a resident of California
  • Parents are encouraged to engage and learn too — leadership development to support students’ academic achievement and build personal strengths to succeed
  • Families have the option for after-school — early drop-off and late pick-up available for up to 11 hours a day knowing children are safe and learning under the high-quality care of PLN


PLN is open to any school-aged resident of the state of California. PLN will not charge students tuition and will not discriminate against any student on the basis of ethnicity, national origin, gender, or disability.

Admission to PLN is on a first-come, first-serve basis. If there is more interest than available openings, entrance will be determined by a public lottery.

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