By Para Los Niños Team

December 5, 2023

Evelyn Cumpian is the Para Los Niños Mental Health Coordinator for Early Headstart and Headstart Schools. Across seven locations, Cumpian provides support to PLN students, their families, and their teachers. Among her many services are social-emotional student assessments, school and home observations, and mental health consultations for instructors.

“Our [teacher consultations] are really about understanding the inner self. How are they showing up, their state of mind in the classroom because we know how you present yourself really indicates how you are present for your kiddos.”

Prior to Cumpian’s 11 years with PLN, she worked as a teacher at her children’s school. She was studying to be a nurse, but found her calling in early education. Her journey with PLN began in South LA, working as a substitute teacher before progressing to head teacher, and then site supervisor. She acted as site supervisor to other PLN locations, where she met clinicians supporting students and families. Inspired, and with PLN’s full support, she returned to school to earn her MFT, becoming a licensed clinician herself.

“[The Vice President of Early Education] was super open and very flexible for me going to school and working. It’s just insane now that I’m thinking about it, but at the same time, I became Program Manager… I had a great team of other site supervisors.”

Cumpian has been PLN’s Mental Health Coordinator for three years and prides herself in the services she and her team provide.

“We have a lot of bilingual clinicians, which, I’ll be honest, is not something you see everywhere. That’s something great about PLN. We are accessible to the communities that we work with.”


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