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By Christina Mariscal Pasten

Director of Corporate & Foundation Partnerships

September 14, 2021

Para Los Niños (PLN) has received long-standing support from a number of companies/corporations over the years, with some providing grants, in-kind resources, sometimes volunteering, and many have supported our gala. While this continues to remain true, we are now seeing a more focused approach from Employee Resource Groups (ERGs).

Group of volunteers in front of a mural.
Photo above from 2019 Netflix day of service at our Gratts Primary Center!

ERGs vary within each corporation, with many rooted in cultural or ethnic groups, and others defined by their roles within their organizations. Regardless of their affiliation, they want to be hands on with their approach to connecting with agencies, like PLN, and the communities we serve. As a result, we have had a request from three organizations who would like to kick-off their partnerships with PLN during Hispanic Heritage Month (Sept. 15 – Oct. 15).

Three companies have identified PLN as a key partner in their efforts to connect with Latino students and youth:

  • A team of associates from Capital Group will serve as long-term mentors for our YWS students who are interested in pursuing careers in finance and investments.
  • Unidos, the Latino ERG at DreamWorks, will host a Career Day for YWS college-aged youth, where representatives will be from different departments across the DreamWorks organization to showcase the various opportunities available.
  • HOLA, the Latino ERG at Fox, has generously committed to provide supplies for class projects at the Charter Schools.
    In addition, our team is currently working with Bank of America, Oracle, and US Bank to identify volunteer opportunities for their employees.

These organizations, and many like them, are eager to support our work and engage with those we serve. What could very easily be a quick transactional relationship of a donation, is evolving to reflect a service model. People see the good in our work, and they want to be a part of it, and for that we are grateful. These growing partnerships with employees can often lead to support directly from the company, or the other way around, as has been the case with Capital Group, Bank of America and US Bank. In either case, we are happy to create more meaningful corporate connections that will continue making an impact on those we serve.

Interested in volunteering?

We are always looking to create more partnerships. To learn more and to get involved contact Christina Mariscal Pasten, Director of Corporate & Foundation Partnerships, today: 213-250-4800 x410

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