An Interview with

a PLN Parent


By Para Los Niños Team

February 15, 2022

At Para Los Niños early education centers, we believe that when a child is enrolled, so is the parent. That is because we deeply believe that a child only does well, when a family does well – and we are here for students and families.

At our Vine Street Early Education Center, Wendoly Rivera is currently enrolled with her son Noah, age 4. Noah started in 2020, when he had turned two. Her daughter, Emma, age 8, had also previously attended PLN’s early education center at the Magnolia Head Start site back in 2018 at the age of four.

We were able to interview with her about her experience with Para Los Niños’s early education centers.


Q: How did you learn about PLN and what made you enroll your children?

Wendoly: I learned about PLN from a friend who has a daughter the same age as mine, and she sent her daughter to Magnolia Head Start. I then reached out to Adeline, the coordinator back then for enrollment, and she was exceptionally kind. You can imagine since Adeline was my first impression of PLN that it was the best impression.

Back then, there was no COVID so I was able to tour the facility as well, and I really liked it. I liked that there were 12 kids per class. I saw that the school was really into the kids and their learning. I then reviewed the curriculum and observed how engaged the children were in their activities.

After that, I thought to myself, ‘This place is the place.’ Adeline then helped me through the entire enrollment process -it was so easy.

Q: How has your and your children’s experience been with PLN’s early education programs?

Wendoly: Very positive. Noah loves PLN; the teachers and the school.

Right now, because of COVID, it’s different and difficult for parents, especially for working moms. We are navigating this together. PLN has been so accommodating to me and my work schedule, like when I can drop off my kids in the morning.

PLN is a wonderful school and I’m beyond thankful for how they are with my kids. I am very blessed to have found them.

At PLN, education and wraparound support for our students and their families go hand in hand across all our sites.

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