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Welcome to Para Los Niños Gratts Primary Center!


A Letter From The Principal

We are excited that you have chosen Para Los Niños and we are glad you’ve joined the Eaglet family. I am honored to serve as Principal of Gratts Primary Center (GPC) and to be a part of a culture rich in tradition and academic excellence. Our faculty, staff, and administration are focused on providing a quality learning experience for all students through the various curricular and extracurricular opportunities available. Our focus as educators will continue to be on preparing students for college and careers by developing essential skills and behaviors in a safe, supportive environment. Our teachers provide relevant, engaging content while building strong relationships with all students and families. Our partnership with our families and community is an integral part of the success of GPC. We encourage you to to become involved, whether through our Parent Center, English Learner Advisory Committee (ELAC), School Site Council (SSC) or one of the many committees or support groups aimed at improving our campus. Your feedback and support are essential to our continued improvement. I am excited about the partnerships we will build this school year. Go EAGLETS!


Lorena Rodriguez

Gratts Students Outside

Our Charter Schools

Para Los Ninos has three charter schools for students TK-8th grade. Learn more about our other two schools at the links below.

Compliance & Resources

PLN GPC 20 Final FS

Annual Notifications

Charter Petition

Gratts Primary Center

Charter Renewal Petition July 2020 – June 2025

Family Handbook

GPC Parent Handbook 21 22

School Calendars

GPC 2021-2022 School Calendar

COVID-19 Reports

GPC COVID Report June 2020

Reopening Guides

2021-2022 LCAP:
Inclusive of the Annual Update for the 2019-2020 LCAP Year and the Annual Update for the 2020-2021 Learning Continuity and Attendance Plan


Bullying, Hazing, Discrimination, Harassment Policy

English / Spanish

What is Bullying?

 English / Spanish

School Accountability Report Card

Para Los Ninos Charter Schools COVID19_School_Guidance_Checklist

School Wellness Policy

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Suicide Prevention Policy

 English /Spanish

Sunscreen and Sun-Protective Gear Policy

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Title IX

GPC Title IX & Students

Uniform Complaint Procedure

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COVID19 School Guidance Checklist

Additional Resources

Covid-19 Information

Special Education Support

Our Special Education teams work to meet each student where they are academically and developmentally to help them achieve their goals. Collaborating with our on-site counselors, teachers, and staff to ensure students stay on track and supported to success.

For special education inquiries contact:
Isabel Cueva, Director of Special Education
213-250-4800, ext. 109 |

Special Education Resources

Contact Us

Evelyn Thurman Gratts Primary Center (TK-2)
474 Hartford Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90017
Tel: (213) 481-3200, Ext. 903
Fax: (213) 977-5449

Questions or Comments?
Please contact Office Manager, Letisia Pedraza at 213-481-3200 ext 908 or

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