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O’Melveny Hispanic Heritage Month Nonprofit Partner


Mental Health Support for Children and Families

In alignment with O’Melveny’s commitment to giving back, we have designated Para Los Niños as our nonprofit partner for Hispanic Heritage Month. Para Los Niños has seen a dramatic increase in demand for their mental health services as a result of the pandemic. Consequently, we hope you will help us raise money so they can continue to provide these critical services. Thank you for your support of Para Los Niños!


Can fund art supplies for a student therapy session

Can give a family a home bonding pack – with board games to play and build strong bonds
Can cover the cost of noise cancelling headphones, fidgets, and other items that help students with sensory issues
Can provide therapeutic supplies, games, art materials and more for PLN’s therapy rooms at schools and clinics
Can fund the needs for creating calming corners in classrooms – for self-regulating skills to grow

Make a gift today to ensure all students can reach their full potential.

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