Para Los Niños After-School serves K-8th grade students across our three charter schools with the goal of improving student success: academically and holistically. Providing all students with a safe and engaging environment, all activities support core curriculum with enriching experiences and opportunities to reinforce and enhance academic achievement.

After-School Offers:

  • Academic support, homework assistance, academic enrichment 

  • Robotics, coding, and science

  • Creative expression involving arts, crafts, music, and dance—may opportunities in partnership with artists and arts organizations

  • Social-emotional learning, confidence building

  • Physical recreation, organized sports, and team building activities

  • Field trips and special events

  • Daily nutritious snack and/or supper

  • Referrals to other Para Los Niños Services


“What I like about the afterschool program is that the teachers care for us and help us do better with our work and math.”


Students qualify for free or reduced lunch


Many students are with PLN for 10 hours or more in a day


After-School students (K-8th) across three charter schools

Site Supervisors

Gratts Primary Center
Fernando Delgadillo (213) 481-3200 ext. 904

PLN Charter Elementary School
Moises Carrillo (213) 239-6605 ext. 119

PLN Charter Middle School
Sindy Lopez (213) 896-2640 ext. 806

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