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Para Los Niños has clear guidelines and many tools to best share your work, gain more attention, and manage media requests. Your compliance is critical to PLN continuing to be a leader in Los Angeles education and mental health supports. Links to logos, photos, and templates are all within the PLN network for staff usage only. 

Para Los Niños represents so much to so many. In our time since our founding in 1980, we have served tens of thousands of children, youth, and their families to find their best path to success through education and support. While we have served so many, our mission has remained the same.

Consistency is critical to building trust and building deep connections in our communities. And consistency is needed in our staff support, our approach to families in need, and in our branding and messaging.

We have great pride in what we have accomplished, and we should have great pride in our brand as well.

Each interaction with our communities is a reflection on our work and our impact; through flyers, letters, photos, signage, and speaking we can elevate our brand and our work. Our impact deserves to be shown in the best light and with the same level of standards we give to those we serve.

Please use this page and resources to help amplify our work and our success.

Logo Files

Approved logo files are here. Please refer to the guide for proper usage. Any questions can be directed to Communications and Marketing.

Top Photos

Some of our top photos are here. Please refer to the guide for proper usage. Any questions can be directed to Communications and Marketing.


Letterhead, PowerPoint, and stock flyer templates are here. Please refer to the guide for proper usage. Any questions can be directed to Communications and Marketing.


Future Leaders Girls and Boys in Uniform

Quick Facts

Early Education: Our early education centers provide over 450 students with high-quality academic and social-emotional education. Starting as young a six-weeks we engage parents to ensure a strong support system for their success well beyond preschool.

  • Under $21,000 average annual salary for a family of three (Federal Poverty Guidelines for Head Start 2018)
  • 84% students were kindergarten ready going into primary school in 2018 (DRDP 2018 data)

TK-8th Education: Our project-based approach keeps students intellectually enriched and our wraparound support builds social emotional skills, character, and confidence for over 1,100 students at our Gratts Primary School, Charter Elementary School, and Charter Middle School.

  • 94% qualify for free lunch
  • Over 60% are English Language Learner Students

Youth Workforce Services: Through workshops, mentorship, internships, and case management, YWS provides opportunities for over 2,000 disconnected youth and adults each year to success in school, work, and life. Two main groups:

  • Prevention for at-risk in-school youth
  • Dropout recovery for out-of-school youth
  • In-school youth are matched with an advisor who stays with them for two years
  • 100% graduating high-school seniors accepted and enrolled in college
  • Over 10,000 hours of work experience through hundreds of opportunities (paid & unpaid)

Family and Community Services: We use protective factors to create safe and connecting spaces for 4,000 children and caregivers each year. Our staff works to strengthen family environments and reduce barriers for children, youth, and adults to thrive.

  • Over 50% of parents have not earned a high-school diploma
  • 89% are below the Federal poverty limit (for a family of three that is only $20,000 annually)
  • Over 13,000 mental health sessions in the FY18 year
  • 89% parents reported improving their relationships with their child after enrolling in case management


Our model fosters pathways to success through excellence in education, powerful families, and strong communities for children and youth to thrive.


Excellence: We always ask ourselves if there is a higher bar to set, if there is more to do and if have we explored all possibilities. We achieve together through discomfort and uncertainty because we understand the urgency and obligation to strive for the best possible outcomes for our communities.

Constant Learning: We are relentless in our drive to always improve. A learning organization actively creates its future by placing high value on feedback and development. Our work must withstand all levels of scrutiny.

Teamwork: Our teams thrive when we can truly depend on one another. We pledge to follow through on our commitments and actively seek out ways to support and collaborate with each other. When we bring our very best as individuals, we can run to the finish line together.

Community: Our families, team members and stakeholders come from many different heritages and histories. Our personal stories together form a tapestry of fortitude. We are made more resilient through these ties and hold our connection to each other as an invaluable asset.

Inclusion: We are at our strongest and smartest when we both acknowledge and consciously benefit from our differences. Authentic collaboration begins at the seed stages which means we partner with stakeholders early and often.

Trust: Trust comes from alignment of our words, beliefs and actions. We operate in highest service to our communities and can engage in true collaboration with each other when trust is strong.

Sharing Our Story

Our History 

Founded in 1980 in Skid Row, Para Los Niños — meaning “for the children” — was founded so that no child would be forgotten. 
In October 1979, the Los Angeles Times published an article that galvanized a community. It was the first of many to spotlight the plight of children and families living in the depths of despair in Los Angeles’ inner cities. 
It spoke of children living in Skid Row, locked in hotel rooms or left alone to wander dangerous neighborhood streets, while their parents worked to survive. At that time, little attention was paid to these forgotten children. Few services and safe havens existed for these young boys and girls. Ninety percent did not attend school. 
Social worker Tanya Tull was inspired and founded Para Los Niños. In 1980, the organization came to life in a factory where at-risk children, eager for a chance to learn, were offered a safe and nurturing environment filled with exploration, hope and opportunity. 
Today, Para Los Niños continues to respond to the ever-growing and ever-changing needs of Southern California’s most challenging communities. The organization’s proven approach helps to build stronger, more stable families and brighter futures for children. 

Who We Are 

Founded on Skid Row in 1980, Para Los Niños (PLN) has a 43-year track record of creating effective, culturally appropriate programs for low-income, primarily Latino children, youth, and families in Los Angeles. PLN places education at the core of its mission to break cycles of poverty and inequity, operating seven early education centers, three charter schools, and two youth workforce services centers focused on high school drop-out prevention and recovery. As the only children’s mental health provider on Skid Row, PLN provides evidence-based mental health services and offers in-home counseling, case management, and crisis intervention. Finally, PLN brings together community members, community-based organizations, city and county agencies, elected officials, and businesses to tackle issues like food insecurity and COVID-19 awareness. All in all, PLN serves 10,000 children, youth, and families annually. 

Para Los Niños provides education and wraparound support to over 10,000 of L.A.’s most vulnerable children, youth, and families each year. PLN fosters pathways to success by striving for excellence in education, family support, and comprehensive social-emotional, and community-based services.  

Through early-education, TK-8th grade education, youth workforce services, and family and community services Para Los-Niños’ model provides a comprehensive, holistic approach to break the cycle of poverty and help children and youth thrive. 

Para Los Niños provides education and wraparound support to over 10,000 in some of L.A.’s most vulnerable communities. Through education, family support, mental health, and community-based services, their model provides a comprehensive approach to break the cycle of poverty and help children and youth thrive. 

Key Message Points

Our unique approach is effective because of the aspects of working together: 

  1. Excellent Education: Our schools and youth centers offer high-quality education and wraparound support to educate the whole child from 6-weeks to 24 years-of-age. Using an inquiry-based approach with social-emotional integration we nurture a child’s healthy academic, physical, and social-emotional development to succeed in school, work, and life.
  2. Powerful Families: We partner with parents and provide opportunities to strengthen their leadership, provide support in stress management and education, plus counseling and clinical support, to ensure students and families thrive.
  3. Strong Communities: We are active in our communities to create spaces that connect children, youth, and families to education and resources to lead and succeed. We have strategic partnerships with agencies and community stakeholders across LA to build trust and together give voice to our diverse perspectives. 

      Flyers, Posters, and Signage

      There are templates available for PLN staff to share events, meetings, and other information at the top of this page. 

      • Templates are designed to give you the option to create a flyer if needed quickly or for a regular event. 
      • If a new template is needed, please place a request; do not create a new flyer to share with external audiences.  

      If you would like to request a new project, please submit it here or email the Communications and Marketing team here 

      • Please note that printing requests are made within the budget of your team and not covered by Communications and Marketing.  

      For signage needs please contact the Communications and Marketing team with your request and give at least 2 months for installation. 

      • Please note that signage requests are made within the budget of your department and not covered by Communications and Marketing. 

      Press & Media


      The Para Los Niños Communications and Marketing Department works in cooperation with news and other media outlets. To ensure we are focused on our mission of educating and empowering every student, along with our focus on safety and security, protocols are in place to guide media inquiries. All requests and inquiries are to be directed to the Communications and Marketing Department. 
      Staff who are contacted by the media must refer media requests Communications and Marketing prior to granting access to the media. Communications and Marketing staff will then assist the media with organizing dates, times and locations and provide other information, depending on the request or inquiry. 
      Please don’t hesitate to contact the Communications & Marketing Department if you have any questions or need assistance. 

      Unplanned Media on PLN Property 

      Prior approval from the Office of Communications & Marketing must be obtained before any media, including reporters, photographers or videographers, are allowed on PLN property. 

      All visitors, including the media, are required to check in at the site front desk or a school’s main offices and present state-issued photo identification. All visitors are required to wear visitor badges at all times while on PLN property. 

      Generally speaking, we ask the media who wish to conduct random “man on the street” interviews or who wish to get a video of a district facility do so away from district property, not disrupt the learning environment and/or block any entryways. 

      Student and Staff Privacy 

      Student and staff photographs, videos and interviews may only be conducted with permission and at the discretion of the Communications & Marketing Department. 

      All students photographed, filmed or interviewed must have media releases on file. 

      Photo Policy 

      Professional student and staff photographs, videos, and interviews may only be conducted with permission and at the discretion of the Communications & Marketing Department. 

      All students photographed, filmed, or interviewed must have media releases on file. 

      The approach to photography should mirror the brand voice showing photos that capture: Empowerment and Independence, Inclusivity, Focus and a Drive for Excellence, Teamwork, Community, and Trust. 

      Photos should not have kids wearing prominent logos that aren’t PLN branded. 

      When possible, photos should be natural and show kids smiling, learning, interacting with each other and teachers. 

      Photo composition should be asymmetrical, and the subject should not be in the center of the photo. 

      Warm, authentic photos of children, youth, families, and staff are an integral part of the PLN brand. They should be candid and use natural lighting.  

      Photos, and particularly photo combinations, should reflect the diversity of our community and the wide range of services we provide. 

      Social Media Policy 

      Be a Brand Ambassador

      Departments cannot create social media accounts without approval from the Communications and Marketing Team.

      If granted, maintain separate professional and personal social media accounts. Use your PLN-issued email account to create any professional accounts, including employee, grade-level, and department accounts, and use those accounts only for school purposes. 

      • Professional accounts, whether employee, grade-level, or department accounts, should be “private” accounts, meaning that individuals should only be able to access the images on the account if they have been “added” by the account administrator. 
      • All professional social media accounts must include the following disclaimer language prominently displayed on the information or about page for the account: “The purpose of this social media account is to further PLN’s vision and mission, support student learning and staff professional development, and enhance communication with students, parents/guardians, staff, and community members. Any comments that do not directly relate to these purposes will be removed. PLN social media pages are produced and maintained by PLN staff. Links to other Internet sites, and nothing therein should be construed as an endorsement of the views contained therein.” 

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