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Beautiful New Mural at PLN Primary Center

The PLN Primary Center has a gigantic and beautiful new mural thanks to Project Color Corps and volunteers from Gensler, Wolcott, Sherwin-Williams, Mata Construction and the International Interior Design Association. Below, school principal Dr. Mariana Robles celebrates the completion of the project Continue reading…

Para Los Niños Middle School joins volunteers from the Ford Motor Co. to build “concept” cars

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50 students from the Para Los Niños Middle School joined volunteers from the Ford Motor Co.  to build soap-box derby style cars during summer school. The objective was to take the subjects of  S.T.E.A.M. (science, technology, engineering, art, math) out of the classroom and bring them onto the playground in real-world group dynamics by building ‘concept cars.’ The challenge was to design and build a model for a concept car that was big enough for one student to ride inside. With the assistance and material provided by Trash 4 Teaching, students worked in teams of six, accompanied by a teacher and a Ford Motor Co. employee. Each student became a specialist within the group and worked on the frame/wheels/axle/steering, the body and the finishes. Continue reading…