Imagine LAPara Los Niños is thrilled to announce we have partnered with Imagine LA to provide volunteer opportunities to work with some of our most fragile families who have experienced homelessness. This new partnership is to help ensure these families permanently exit the perilous cycle of homelessness and chronic poverty and thrive.

Imagine LA’s innovative Family Mentorship Program matches every family member with a volunteer one-to-one mentor; plus every family gets a Budget Mentor; and other volunteers help with tutoring, career management, childcare, healthcare, meal-planning and more. Imagine LA’s professional staff train and guide the Family Mentor Teams through the Program with three main goals for the family: maintain housing, attain self-sufficiency and ensure every member of the family thrives. Most families need the support of a team of 5 -10 volunteer mentors for 1-2 hours per week, though each family and situation is different.

Our goal is to create volunteer teams to journey with our families for 12 -24 months, to build lasting relationships and skills to help the families go from striving to thriving. For more information or to become a volunteer, please contact Imagine LA Outreach Manager, Tara Ignont, at Tara@ImagineLA.org.